The more coaches learn, the more fun sport will be!


The Tokyo Olympics were held in the midst of the COVID-19 spread. There were various opinions for and against holding the Olympics and it was not only the threat of the infectious disease and distrust of the countermeasures, but also the "value of sport" that was questioned.
What is the value of sport itself?
We believe that we can create value through sports.
The value found in playing, watching and / or supporting everyday sporting activities leads to experiencing a happy and rich life (wellbeing).
We do not seek value in sport itself. This is because the value of sport is created by the philosophy and ethics of the people involved in sport.
We believe that sportspersons, especially coaches, need to have a lifelong attitude of learning in order to enhance the value created by sports.
After the Rio Olympics, we have been creating a place where we can learn and develop together through dialogue with many people (Inter-sport information exchange group “Fundoshi no kai” aka loincloth group)
We became strongly motivated to continue to promote these activities and contribute to society widely, so we launched this NPO.
We hereby declare that we will continue to learn for the rest of our lives.
We will not only promote the idea of "there’s value in sport", but also engage in activities that will help sportspersons enhance the value of sports and help many people experience this value.

SCA uses a two-stage learning approach.
First, SCA plays the role of a sports innovation hub, connecting communities, organisations, academic societies, and companies to create a framework for collaboration. We work together with the people involved in the project to achieve the goals and solve the problem. The project itself will be open to the public, creating learning opportunities for many people.
Then we, as a Sports Innovation Hub, identify problems in the local area and turn those problems into projects. By having our regular members actually involved as project members, we create opportunities for practice-oriented learning (experience).

The specific process starts with communicating with the local people through a package of workshops and research. If you decide that you can solve the problem by working with us, we will turn the problem identified, in the survey, into a project. If there are any organisations or companies that are necessary to solve the problem of this project, we will create a collaboration system as a project team. Individual regular members can also participate in projects. We aim to grow as people through learning by working together on projects, accomplishing tasks, and solving problems. The conclusion of the project is not the end for us, but giving back to society what we have learned through the project. We believe that this will help many people to experience the value of sports.